IC Film produces high-quality media solutions for a variety of individuals and organizations. From a corporate meeting to a school classroom, our work is diverse.


Where We Started

IC Film was started in 2006 by Ilene Cutler. Ilene has been involved in production, editing and camera work for many years. She has a degree in photography and film from the State University of New York. After many years of working in human services, Ilene returned to her creative endeavors in videography and photography.

Our Work

IC Film has produced a variety of work. This includes pieces for corporate entities; shooting and editing work for clients such as Deloitte, Microsoft, Avon and others. IC Film has also created many films for promotional use for non-profit agencies such as The United Way, Multicultural America, the YMCA, as well as films regarding recycling, health-care and housing. To learn more about our work, visit our portfolio.

International corporate meeting

Taking a Chance on God NYC premier

Our Mission

It is the connection between utilizing media in order to address important social issues that is paramount in the work of IC Film. Ilene has focused her energies toward producing documentary films of social significance. Her latest film, 'Taking a Chance on God,' has received critical acclaim as it is being screened in film festivals internationally.