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State University Of New York

In this video, produced for the State University of New York, we get a close-up look at ‘applied learning’ in a college setting. Utilizing real life interactions with the business community, the Design Program at SUNY Ulster, led by Professor Sean Nixon, is able to undertake assignments that fully prepares students for their careers beyond academia. This video highlights the valuable exchange between the business community and the college students at this community college in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Ken Page: Deeper Dating Book Launch

This video introduces this best-selling book by the author Ken Page. IC Film produced the video including graphics support and post-production editing. 

James Brown of Mount Gulian | Beacon, NY

IC Film assisted in the production of this informational piece. IC Film provided on-site video services as well as production support. 

TMI Project

TMI Project is a non-profit that offers empowering storytelling workshops that culminate in participants performing true monologues written from their own experiences. They work with paying students, as well as underserved communities such as LBGTQ teens, the incarcerated, survivors of domestic violence, military veterans, girls and women who have been subjected to sex trafficking, psychiatric patients and others. IC Film provided videography services as well as post-production support.

Our Story: Newburgh

IC Film assisted in facilitating this workshop that involved training community members to photograph, film and interview the people of their town. IC Film provided post-production support and edited the completed piece using the media generated from the participants’ one-day workshop.

Dreamers Among Us

Award-winning short documentary which chronicles the stories of several undocumented immigrant young people who desire the DREAM Act in New York State which would enable them to pursue their dreams of higher education. A collaborative effort with Youth Arts Group members and the late U. Roberto (Robin) Romano. 

Local Economies Project | Farm Hub Announcement

IC Film edited this piece that features the news conference for the New Economies Project of the New World Foundation.

Newburgh Illuminated

IC Film produced and edited this 60 second spot that announces an upcoming celebration. The spot was aired on major networks through Time Warner Cable ®.

The Importance of Recycling

This informational video was created to educate Ulster County residents about the importance or recycling. IC Film directed, wrote, and shot this video for the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency.